How Fresh is Your Air Freshener?

Clear the Air naturally with Purple Frog.

Our air fresheners contain 100% plant-based essential oils for personalized air care and aromatherapy.

Clean Air & Good Vibes.

Find the air freshener that’s perfect for you.

From EW To OHM

This is an amazing product! What an ingenious way to bring essential oils into your life. Keeping it simple. Love it.


I love this company! I love all their products! Such a unique idea and the smell of each product (even Outdoor Patch...sometimes I use it as personal aromatherapy in addition to wearing it for mosquitos!) is amazing, and not overbearing like a lot of scent products.


Aromatherapy is great. Easy aromatherapy is even better. I use a lot of essential oils, and these pods are basically a super-intense spot of essential oil mix wherever and whenever you want it. Without the mess. How neat! I'm not exaggerating when I say that they are easy to use.

Benefits of Purple Frog

Air care that matches your healthy lifestyle. Our air fresheners are natural, non-toxic and safe.

Aromatherapy – anytime, anywhere. We use 100% plant-based essential oils to relax, recharge, and refresh.

Good for the Planet. We dedicate a portion of our sales to environmental efforts around the world.

Learn Our Mission

Frogs are an indicator species, which means they’re often the first to get sick when toxins enter their environment. The frog knows when something’s not right.

The Purple Frog represents our commitment to clean labels and clean air.

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