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Purple Frog Products - Clean air

Have you ever closed your eyes and wished you were somewhere else? Instead of toiling away in a stuffy office, overworked and overstressed, do you dream of strolling through the towering trees of a forest, breathing in the fresh air and letting the calm wash over you?

That’s where we come in. Anytime, anywhere, Purple Frog brings nature to your nose.

The parts of your brain that process smell are also closely related to the parts that recall memories. Just a whiff of a scent can transport you across time and space to a place where you can feel your best: a state of relaxation; a reenergized reiteration of yourself; or a refresher for your mind bogged down with the clutter of day to day stress. All natural aromatherapy is rapidly becoming more recognized as a great stress reliever!



At Purple Frog, our mission is to improve the air quality of as many people was we can. Our natural air fresheners do just that! Clean air encourages health and wellness, and wellness breeds happiness.

Purple Frog, creating happiness with every breath. No big deal.

With your help, Purple Frog has spearheaded the Clean Air Movement: a commitment to clean labels on aromatherapy and air freshening products. With our 100% all natural essential oils, no Purple Frog products are ever compromised of quality. Our natural air fresheners and aromatherapy products are the perfect alternative to chemical-laden products currently on the shelves right now!