Frog eyes peer over the surface of a small green pond on a summer day.


Did you know that frogs are an indicator species? Meaning when things aren’t quite right and toxins are in the environment, frogs will be the first to get sick, leave, or die off.

That’s why we chose The Frog to represent our Clean Air Movement. Too many air fresheners are filled with gross chemicals that have no business being inhaled into our lungs! The Frog knows!

How many lemons do you think actually went into the typical gas station air freshener claiming to have a “Citrus” scent? How, exactly, is “New Car Smell” formulated? Where does the smell of “Niagara Falls” get extracted from?

Just how “fresh” are your air fresheners?

Every day more pressure is put on food companies to increase the transparency of their processes and to clean up their labels. However, food labels shouldn’t be the only ones under consumer scrutiny. Just as our health hinges on the quality of our food, our health is impacted by the air we breathe every moment of every day. After all, we breathe more often than we eat!

Purple Frog is on a mission to promote clean air through the use of 100% natural essential oils as an alternative to the harsh, chemical-laden air fresheners that plague the mainstream grocery aisles. When you think of clean, fresh air, think of The Frog.

We know that by having more natural products on the shelves, that means that there are less synthetic fragrances, odour-maskers and toxic chemicals on them. Doesn’t that sound lovely? We think everyone could breathe a little easier if we worked together to #cleartheair.

In an extra effort to help our environment and everyone in it, we are proud members of the 1% for the Planet fund. We give back 1% of our revenue back to environmental organizations. In addition, some of our products are made from 25% Pre-Consumer recycled material!

When it comes to the environment, every little bit helps. 


The frog knows.

Look for the frog whenever you’ve got a fresh air emergency!

If you’re a traditionalist who doesn’t trust the whole newfangled internet shopping thing, feel free to #findthefrog in retail stores across Canada and the United States.


Store Locater coming soon!


Purple Frog, founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We want to rule the world someday, but we’ll never forget our roots in Calgary, Alberta! We are proud members of the Made in Calgary initiative and nominees for the Calgary Chamber SBW Innovation Award in 2016.




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