3 ways we’re proud to support Earth Day, every day

April 22 is Earth Day, a movement that began in 1970 and now sees more than 1 billion people across the globe participating in related activities and events every year. This year’s theme is “End plastic pollution.”

 Purple Frog is proud to support Earth Day, every single day, and here are three ways we do so: 

1.    Our sprays are straw-less 

If you look closely at our natural air freshener spray bottles, you’ll notice that something’s missing. We’re often asked why they don’t contain a straw.

Don’t worry, it’s completely intentional. They are uniquely designed to conserve plastic.

Each air freshener spray contains a pressurized air chamber that pushes the blend of essentials oils through the nozzle. The air chamber removes the need for a straw. No straw means less plastic. And less plastic leads to a healthier planet.

Purple Frog natural essential oils air freshening sprays

2. The Clear the Air Movement

At Purple Frog, we’re on a mission to Clear the Air of harmful toxins and support the environment. We’re always looking at ways to make a positive impact on mother nature.

That’s why we’re Purple Frog.

Frogs are indicator species. They breathe through their skin and easily absorb toxins in their ecosystem. When they disappear, it’s a good indication that something’s not right. But when an ecosystem is thriving, the frog population is often increasing at a steady rate.  


Growing-up, our co-founder, Andrew Miller, saw first-hand just how closely the environment and our health are related. Andrew lived near the site of the notorious Hagersville tire fire, which burned for 17 days and released countless toxins into the air. As a child, he saw his community suffer from health issues caused by the pollution. And after overcoming cancer, he began paying close attention to the environment, particularly the air we breathe.

It’s that mindset that guides Purple Frog’s principles as a company.

For instance, did you know that our car fresheners are made from pre-consumer materials? And they’re reusable. After two weeks, you can add your favourite essential oils to extend the life of your freshener.

3. Profits for the planet

And don’t forget that we’re also a proud member of 1% For the Planet, a community of like-minded businesses that dedicate one percent of their revenue to environmental causes.

This means your purchase will support environmental projects around the world.

It’s all part of our greater mission to bring you natural and safe products that you can feel good about.  


Check out the Earth Day website to find out how you can participate.

And for more about the dangers of synthetic air fresheners and why we’re making it our mission to clear the air, read “12 reasons to stop breathing air freshener chemicals this spring.”

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