4 annoying ways nature can get you down

4 annoying ways nature can get you down

The Great Outdoors. Mother Nature.  

Whatever you call it, the world existing outside our cities, with its mountains, lakes and rivers, flora and fauna, is all at once alluring, awe-inspiring, and, well - cruel.

For although nature rewards us on our camping and canoe trips, hikes, bike rides, and beach days, with beautiful views, fresh air, and solitude, it can be equally punishing.

In this post, we’re taking a look at four of the downsides of going outside – and offering you one way to ensure nature won’t get you down for long:

  1. Sunburns

It’s hard to resist a warm, sunny day – especially if you live in Canada, where they often seem elusive. But too much time outside, or too little sunscreen, can leave you with red, painful skin (not to mention an attractive red and white swimsuit outline, and peeling to look forward to.)

  1. Bug bites

Bugs positively contribute to our ecosystem, but their impact on our skin is decidedly negative.

While incessant buzzing, and constant swatting, are annoying, what’s worse than bumpy, red, itchy skin? That was a rhetorical question.

  1. Scrapes

Your skinned knees might be a badge of honour gained by tumbling down a hardcore hiking trail, but they’re also painful. And, let’s be honest, kind of gross looking.

  1. Rashes

What’s that plant on the side of the trail? Could be an innocent bush, or could be poison ivy. Not sure? That’s okay. An itchy, red contact rash will provide confirmation for you.


Now, if you’re any kind of outdoor adventurer, none of these annoyances will keep you inside (and they shouldn’t.) Go ahead and take that (worthwhile) risk - hit the trails, climb that mountain, plunge into the frigid mountain lake – because we’ve got a one-stop solution for all resulting skin irritations.

Our natural outdoor skin care spray, Wild Relief. It’s a multi-purpose spray, containing aloe vera, lavender, lemongrass, and witch hazel. Now, grab a bottle and get out there! You know you want to. 

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