Fresh air isn’t just good for the body – it’s good for the soul

Why is fresh air good for your body, and your mind?

Do you crave fresh air when you’re cramped up in a thermostatically controlled office or an air tight house? Do you wish you could step outside and enjoy nature’s best gift of clean air?

Clean air reminds you who you really are and helps rekindle faded memories of nature that calms the mind, boosts metabolism and nourishes the soul leaving you energized, alert and just plain dandy!

Reconnect to nature – with your nose

Unfortunately, these days it seems the most time you spend outdoors is constrained to the short walks between the car and front door or office.

Not long ago, all it took to get you to revitalize and energize the body was a walk down the Canadian parks or stroll on dew-bathed paths on some of its natural forests.

Do you ever wish you could have captured some of this freshness and brought it back to your home or stuffy office?

Don’t just imagine it, live it

How do you reach your Zen at home or the office? Some just close their eyes and try to relive some of their life’s most mind-soothing moments, but that’s easier said than done for most.

What if you could include fresh and clean scents to your imagination? Try that and see your alertness, health, and productivity skyrocket.

hiking in mountains

Benefits of fresh air to the soul

Richard Ryan, a professor of Psychology at the University of Rochester once said that “nature (fresh air) is food to the soul.” When you feel depleted, out of steam, exhausted or just plain unhappy, you might reach out for a cup of coffee. But Ryan’s research suggests other alternatives to caffeine for a pick-me-up. He believes that all you need is a reconnection with nature. Again, sometimes that’s easier said than done! Look for alternatives such as on-the-go aromatherapy to get your spirits back in order.

Your mind and body need fresh air

Whenever you feel exhausted, fatigued, and unhappy for no good reason, remember your body is saying it needs more fresh air. Get out of your stuffy space, and get back into the wild.

And when you can’t do that, pop your favourite Purple Frog Pod for instant fresh air.

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