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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Purple Frog considered natural?

Yes, each ingredient, including the carrier ingredients are plant derived. There are absolutely zero chemical additives, fragrances, or odour masking agents.

Does Purple Frog have aromatherapeutic benefits?

Absolutely! Each formula is specifically designed to purify your air and stimulate a good, if not GREAT vibe! What does personal air freshener mean? It means we want you to care about your air first. Don't let nasty odours and chemicals mess with your zen. Keep your air clear and natural.

Is Purple Frog vegan-friendly?


Is Purple Frog ever tested on animals?

No. Never!

Do you use green packaging?

All of our packaging can be recycled and/or reused. We also contribute to our favorite environmental not-for-profit organization, 1% For the Planet to stay as "green" as we can while providing you the highest quality natural air freshening at great value.

Is Purple Frog considered organic?

Not yet but we're working on adding USDA certified organic essential oils to our formulas.

Where do your essential oils come from?

We source our therapeutic grade essential oils from all over the world. There are unique growing regions, conducive for optimal plant growth, for each and every oil in our formulas.

Can Purple Frog go on skin?

Yes and no. While our spray formulas are diluted to Health Canada safe levels (for ages 18 and above), they may still cause an allergic reaction for some people. We recommend testing on a small patch of skin first. If a reaction does occur, please consult a physician.

Is Purple Frog made in Canada?

We're a proud Canadian company and co-package our products in Canada, but some are made outside of our northern borders.

Why is the tube missing in the air freshening spray bottle?

We use a unique "airless" spray bottle that ensures each and every drop is used. You can even use it upside down!

How long do the products last?

The pods carry their scent for 6-8 hours per pod once the microcapsule is popped and the oil is released. The car hangers last two weeks per hanger. The sprays last a few minutes but are formulated to deodorize your air, while offering an added aromatherapeutic benefit.