Why the Frog?

Frogs absorb pollutants in the air through their thin skin, making them the first species to react to negative changes in the environment. When they disappear, it’s a strong indication that toxins are present.

The Purple Frog represents our movement to clear the air of harmful chemicals and toxins. Like frogs, we absorb chemicals into our skin and inhale them into our lungs every day. But unlike frogs, we don’t always immediately recognize their detrimental effects.

Synthetic air fresheners mask at least 100 harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, and those mystery ingredients may be endangering your health.

We do air freshening naturally with plant-based essential oils. No surprise chemicals or toxins. Just safe air care. 

Our mission to clear the air started with co-founder, Andrew Miller.  

Andrew grew-up in Hagersville, Ontario, Canada, the site of the notorious Hagersville tire fire, which burned for 17 days and released countless toxins into the air. As a child, he saw his community suffer from health issues caused by the pollution. And after overcoming cancer, he began paying close attention to the toxins in our air.  

Andrew’s story is the inspiration behind Purple Frog. We believe that we are what we breathe. And that’s why we are clearing the air with air freshening that’s safe for everyone.

Giving back to the planet

Good for you and good for the planet.

As a proud member of 1% For the Planet, we dedicate a portion of sales to environmental protection efforts around the world.

1% For the Planet is a community of like-minded businesses that dedicate one percent of their revenue to environmental causes. Collectively, they contribute to non-profit organizations that protect valuable ecosystems and encourage sustainable energy production.

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